Why is it a sellers Market?

Read below some of the attributes.

Supply and Demand

There are less houses and more buyers. The supply for houses are low, but the demand for them are high. This gives sellers an advantage.

Low Interest Rates

The lenders are giving affordable rates. Buyers are able to purchase houses because the banks are giving lower rates. A lower rates allows for lower monthly payments.

What actually happens?

The buyers are usually unhappy because they are paying more. The sellers raise their prices. The houses are selling quicker. The sellers are getting multiple offers.

Have no fear. Tampa, Florida is not the only city which is going through a Sellers Market. It’s happening all over the United States. If you are a buyers or an agent you can still find a property for your clients. There are some techniques we teach in the firm, that can help you win an offer. Reach out to us and find out how.

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