Pre-Sale Renovations

Creating the look that makes homebuyers say, “That’s the one!”

Thinking of putting your Tampa Bay House on the market? With pre-sale renovation by WNS, you can help boost the value of your house and attract more interest from prospective homeowners.

Homebuyers’ needs are changing fast. Nearly half of them are millennials and 99% are searching online. They’re looking for homes that are contemporary, move-in ready, and Instagram-worthy. That means pre-sale renovations and attractive photos on your Tampa Bay home are key to get buyers in the door and sell your house at a price you want.

Why WNS Realty Group?

A quick renovation can make all the difference in achieving the maximum sale price for your Tampa Bay home. From Bedroom to Kitchen, we plan, design, and construct affordable cosmetic presale renovations that result in quicker higher-priced home sales. Our quality and finish is second to none.

Our Pre-Sale Renovations will ignite your imagination and add value to your most valuable asset, your home. With our pragmatic approach to stunning and creative renovations, we will transform any space into an inspired and welcoming space, that is a perfect balance of function and style.

With WNS Realty Group, there are no upfront costs, once the home is sold, the renovation costs and fees will be taken out of the settlement.

Let us take that unnecessary burden away from you and get on the market sooner. We contract directly with you and work closely with Tampa Bay Construction Services to achieve the best possible home.

We sell your home at the highest price, in the shortest time, and with the least amount of inconvenience and stress.

Ready to Renovate?