” Hmm, where should I join?

After passing your Florida Real Estate exam, you are flooded with emails and postcards from different brokerages. The truth is they need you more than you need them. When I first started Real Estate, I thought I had esenyurt escort to be in the most prominent and most recognized firm to succeed. When I first passed my exam in Tampa, Florida, I began looking for a place to bring me to the next level. However, I didn’t know what to ask. Here are five essential questions you need to ask every broker before you join.

  1. Do you have a physical office?
  2. What are your training programs?
  3. Who will answer my questions, and what is the turnaround time?
  4. Will you continue to help us after we complete the initial training?
  5. What are your commission plans or brokerage fees, and what are the requirements?

Agents should feel comfortable with the brokerage they enter. If it all possible, you want to try to remain at a brokerage as long as possible. When you relocate, you have to pay for your Realtor changes, buy new business cards, and change all of your social media advertisements. Good luck with your search, and as always, call our broker at WNS Realty Group to see what we have to offer!